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When planning and documenting each Mobile VPN implementation, Brand Communications assigns a specific Project Manager to oversee the entire implementation. It is this Project Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Brand aims to implement the solution in the following phases:

• Due Diligence

In this the overall fit of the solution with customer’s requirements will be analysed and a plan will develop to address any gaps.

• Implementation Planning

In this phase, a high level plan will be developed for the implementation. Detailed plans for each phase will be developed during the beginning of the individual phase.

• Blueprint

High level architecture will be developed in this phase and details of how the individual components will function will be defined.

• Build

In this phase, the infrastructure components will be installed and set up. This will include setting up end-to-end connectivity and unit testing.

• Test

This will include end-to-end testing and support for the customer.

• Pilot

In this phase, solution will be piloted for a selected user community.

• Rollout

The solution will be rolled out to the entire community in phases.

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