Session Management

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Session Management

Mobile Data networking is all about speed and efficiency. The Apollo solution uses call time-based billing as part of its session management, ensuring that only real user data is transmitted, and that all other network traffic is suppressed. A virtual session is maintained between the mobile and the host, and the call is dropped during periods of inactivity. This makes maximum use of the available bandwidth, reduces backbone traffic, makes maximum use of the host port capacity and significantly reduces mobile data call charges.

Session Management – IP address persistence, allows users to log in once and will intelligently maintain all configuration perimeters, encryption and compression settings, ensuring that no reconfiguration is required at any time during the remote activity.

The Apollo solution can also handle many time more sessions than physical calls in progress which means literally thousands of remote users can be logged on at any given time.

Power Management and Push Applications

As part of the session management, the Brand solution provides full power management support, allowing the client computer to suspend between periods of long-term use while still protecting the end-to-end session in a completely secure fashion.

The importance here, other than energy saving and extending remote device battery life, is that this level of power management enables new applications to be delivered where otherwise they would not be feasible. An example here is push messaging. Without power management, either the remote devices would have to be enabled permanently, meaning battery life would be dramatically reduced, or simply would not be able to receive the message. However, the Brand Solution enables push applications to work even when the device is suspended.

Application examples include sending logon messages to individuals or groups of users, pushing messages to a user as they move in or out of a particular zone, cell or area, or even forcing a web browser to launch display of a designated page. It also opens up all kinds of contact / advertising opportunities.

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