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Mobile Security

Recent press headlines such as ‘Data Fiasco leaves firms facing loss of contracts’ and ‘Home Office has lost 43 laptops’ have highlighted the security risks posed by remote workers and data devices out in the field and proves that organisations can no longer afford any possible infringement to their corporate data security. Failure to protect sensitive and personal information on mobile devices can have serious consequences for the enterprise both legally under the Data Protection Act and also facing the risk of information falling into the wrong hands and the loss of business reputation.

Brand Communications delivers Secure Seamless Mobility including endpoint data security and encryption features and provides organisations with first class defence security.

Secure Remote Protection for Data

With the next generation of mobile technology and mobility devices upon us, organisations are seeing more sensitive business critical data travelling with employees wherever they go and being assessed on laptops, handhelds, smartphones and removal storage devices such as USB devices and compact discs. It is absolutely paramount for the organisation to be able to protect their data on all these various devices and platforms and ensure all the different security issues are addressed such as loss or theft and steps are taken to minimise the risks and that no data is compromised or interfered with.

Endpoint security needs to be controlled from a central internal position and not left to the remote employee to manage – ensuring no damaging data losses for the business. Often human error can result in data being left unencrypted and compromised. The Brand APsafe solution introduces a multi-factor control so that the network infrastructure and security policies control the encryption on the device and not the user.

Mobile Data just got Smarter ....

Mobile security is greatly enhanced by the Brand Communications ‘Apollo’ solution. Brand’s Apollo transparently extends the LAN environment to any mobile device, providing real time secure and reliable wireless connectivity for the mobile user.

Brand ensures a secure means for accessing a private network and transferring sensitive data over public IP networks by employing authentication, data encryption and compression protocols.

Brand’s Apollo allows IT administrators to control and secure all mobility devices from a central position. This gives complete management of the system and helps with user registrations, policy administration, system auditing and reporting, data encryption and recovery.

So the enterprise is offered a complete secure seamless mobile connectivity solution and removes the uncertainty of using a wireless network to transfer vital information with a military grade VPN for the data exchange and a “secret” level high performance disk encryption ability for the data held on the device.

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