Support Plans

Support Plans

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Brand’s technical expertise is foremost in the Networking Industry. Brand offers first or second-line support on all Brand’s solutions.

24 Hour cover; Brand have a team of dedicated 24x7x365 support professionals to support contract customers at any time or day of the year. Engineers are equipped with diagnostic tools and can quickly assist in recovering the operational status of mission critical systems. In nearly all cases the Brand support is utilized to assist in problems on the communications lines and not the Brand equipment itself as this is designed for carrier grade operation and runs at 100% up time.

The support team within Brand also has the widest possible experience of dealing with the complex and sometimes hostile world of RF based telecommunication network environments and the interfacing of those to the LAN environment.

Customers are issued with a reference number for tracking through the customer support system. Depending on whether the fault can be diagnosed (and fixed) over the phone then direct remote access is also available.

In principle, Brand’s support services are as follows:

1. Unlimited priority access to Brand’s telephone support department and account management staff during office hours via phone, email, web site etc. This service is not purely for fault resolution, it also covers all general discussions, all liaison with helpdesk staff and operations staff, advice on network design, best practice, configuration of clients and servers, assistance with getting solutions working including applications and mobile data, current architectures, planned systems, future developments, customer-related areas, sales/marketing activities, new opportunities and any other general business matter.

It also includes unlimited upgrades to the software versions of both the server and client, but not on-site upgrades of clients. It also allows the client to benefit from lower cost installation, consultancy, training and on-site charges because the in-contract rates rather than the out-of-contract rates are levied. It also includes all liaison between the two parties regarding reporting, auditing and measurement of performance and response times. Clearly it includes priority diagnosis and where possible resolution of all problems, by liaison with staff and even end users if necessary with full reporting of those resolutions back to the client.

2. 24 hour emergency support. This is provided for major loss of service problem solving and it is expected that general support enquiries affecting perhaps a single user would be dealt with under (1) above. 24-hour callouts on a 2 + 2 basis for server-related severity faults will also be available but see (3) below.

3. The on-site callouts (whether during office hours or 24 hours) are incorporated into the Brand’s support contract and is offered to all Brand customers depending on the service level of their contract.

Remote Access is an option within all Brand’s support contracts and often ensures prompt resolutions to issues. Often this service proves the problem is elsewhere in the system.

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