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Public Safety


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Brand Communications has been working within the public safety business sector since 1994.

This is when many UK public safety businesses embarked on a change programs that would result in more effective dynamic organisations capable of meeting new business goals. All with mobile workforces, one of the key elements of the change programs was to improve the way those workers were scheduled and communicated with, and real-time data was seen as fundamental to that goal.

Brand Communications helped improve productivity of these public safety field workforces, enhance customer support and to cut the costs of their field operations. The adoption of the Brand ‘Apollo’ solution suited their needs perfectly and ensured that their field workforces had access to job critical applications in a reliable, secure and user friendly way.

Facing the Challenge

One positive move in creating and maintaining excellence in quality of service is by adopting Seamless Roaming as part of the mobile data strategy.

Technologies such as Seamless Roaming, and new applications of existing technologies, such as GPRS, are being used in the search for operational efficiency to achieve mobile data from any location. Also standards such as Wi-Fi will helping facilitate access to and the sharing of data for officers anywhere within the service, and prove to be a vital tool in all public safety organisations objectives.

The Technology

Brand's Apollo Solution, matured over 18 years of successful deployment, is making mobile data a reality for business-critical data applications using Seamless Roaming for organisations across the world. Providing a secure connection for the mobile user whilst travelling from location to location, it removes the uncertainty of using a wireless network to transfer vital information by transparently integrating GSM, GPRS, Tetra and Wi-Fi networking with LAN environments, both within the enterprise, and in the field and provides automatic recovery from dropped connections without repeating a data transaction and assures that data is never lost, corrupted or compromised.

Brand's 'Seamless Roaming' offers mobile users the added benefits of high compression levels, fast packet loss recovery and dynamic switching between 802.11b, GPRS or other bearer networks depending on availability during the same transaction. The solution also has the capacity to aggregate bandwidth from different public carriers, or dissimilar communication bearer types.

Another major concern for public safety services would be the security of information and network security. Brand provides significant protection to the network and data by using authentication (AES Advanced Encryption Standard-3DES replacement) and encryption security which complies with all the standards.


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Seamless Roaming represents an important step towards a new way of working within the public safety sector. Both the service and workforce benefit from the implementation of mobile technologies; as it makes the working process a more effective and efficient one. In addition, customer care is dramatically improved by information being available when are where the service is being carried out and insuring records are accurately updated.

Brand's solutions are deployed in many organisations across the world and specialises in implementing mission-critical wireless strategies. Brand's 'Apollo' solutions make mobile data a reality using session management. It removes the uncertainty of using a wireless network to transfer vital information and ensures compatibility with almost all data devices and networks resulting in a future-proofed investment for any public safety organisation, allowing access to all IP-based applications from the Headquarters or in the field.

Brand’s Public Safety customers include Fire Emergency, Medical Services and Police where the Apollo Mobility solution has been approved for connections to the Police National Computer System.

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